Darwin Coffee is a speciality coffee roaster based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire supplying the retail and trade sectors.  They source their green coffee beans from small, sustainably run farms and plantations around the world and their aim is to supply great tasting freshly roasted coffee, sustainably, and at a fair price to their customers and the coffee farmers they source from.  The coffee merchants they work with specialise in building direct long-term relationships with the farmers, and work with them to improve living and environmental standards in their communities.
The Chief Roaster at Darwin Coffee is Keith (Keef to his friends).  He is a Chartered Engineer and has worked in the environmental sector for almost 30 years – 25 of them in Shrewsbury.  He set up Darwin Coffee with his wife Jenny in 2023, after training at the London School of Coffee.  Their aims are to supply high quality speciality roasted coffee, sourced ethically and sustainably, whilst supporting the coffee growers and harvesters in their local communities.  For more information on the local initiatives associated with each of their coffees see their website at www.darwin-coffee.co.uk
Finally, based in Shrewsbury, the birthplace of their namesake Charles Darwin, they are committed to sustainability, biodiversity, and wildlife preservation.   Each coffee is named after an endangered species from the region in which the coffee originates, and Darwin Coffee makes a donation to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) for every pack of coffee sold.  Their commitment to sustainability even extends to delivering to local customers in and around Shrewsbury in the old-fashioned way on a bike!