England has some of the best food in the world, and is home to many iconic varieties and breeds.

Its landscape is vast and varied, from the warm gulf stream waters of the West Country producing some of the finest seafood in the world, to the cold north sea. Rich fertile soils in East Anglia and the Midlands, give way to Chalk streams in the south, and the rugged uplands of the north. It’s a country where you will find more apple varieties than anywhere else in the world, and iconic cattle breeds such as Hereford and Long Horn, alongside delicate sea-lavender honey.

Slow Food England is at the heart of food debate; we provide substantial education projects, teaching children to cook, planting orchards, working in our communities both urban and rural.

We send submissions to every FSA, DEFRA and local consultation which affects food, fisheries and farming, and we believe in food dignity, not food poverty.

We do not apologise for being political – in fact we see it as our duty. We have no desire to see ever more people eating expensive highly processed foods which harm both the eater and the planet. We also believe our food choices maintain our landscape, that our famous “Green and pleasant land” looks as it does because of food and farming; we help support that, and jobs in those communities, by the food we choose to eat.

We hope you will join us – we have both local groups, and a pan-England virtual group. Whichever you join, know you are supporting a grass-roots organisation which is leading with solutions.