If you only do one thing today

If you only do one thing today

The countdown to COP26 has begun. Let’s make food part of the solution.

With the effects of Climate Change all around us, from record fires, floods, and heatwaves (new daily records barely even seem news), and big government conferences seeming far from most peoples lives, it can seem hard to know how to make a meaningful […]

Want to blog for us?

Want to blog for us?

Calling all budding writers!

Part of our change in movement is about grassroots empowerment – the general Slow Food pages reflect our on-going policies and campaigns, and we want the blog to be a snapshot of our members activities and interests.

You could blog about something you do in your professional life, or a private passion. We will take one off […]

Slow Garden Chronicle:  Artichokes

Slow Garden Chronicle: Artichokes

It was John Lanchester who first made me think that artichokes would be easy to grow.  His book ‘A Debt to Pleasure’ contains an evocative chapter about artichokes gone feral in an English garden.  I have also seen huge fields of artichokes growing in Malta, which I thought might suit a garden such as ours […]

Keeping food traditions alive, one pissaladière at a time

Keeping food traditions alive, one pissaladière at a time

In 2018, three of my French grand-parents passed away in the course of just a few weeks. I felt overwhelmed by this very strange course of events, not knowing how I could best pay tribute to them. The answer came a few months later when I decided to start a little family project: capture and […]

Bacon - an experiment in home curing

Bacon – an experiment in home curing

‘Fortune favours the brave.’ – My Greek of the week, Pliny the Elder

Welcome to a Better Way to Eat

In these unprecedented times Slow Food is still supporting Good, Clean & Fair food for all. Whether you are a consumer looking for good food, or a producer looking for support, we are here with you.

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