We work to raise awareness about the sustainability and social justice issues surrounding the food we eat. We do that by working hand in hand with our members who are in local geographic groups.

If you are interested in donating funds – no matter how small –  to one of our projects, please email us and we’ll be delighted to send you more information.


From gardens for preschoolers, to cookery lessons in primary schools, to food enterprise sessions in sixth form. We believe in holistic food education.

Ark of Taste and Chef Alliance: The Ark of Taste programme is a catalogue of exceptional gastronomic products in danger of disappearance due to current food production and distribution systems. The UK currently has 80 products listed, while the international Ark of Taste boasts over 4,000 products from more than 100 countries. Slow Food in the UK has developed the Chef Alliance to engage British chefs in actively supporting our aims by championing small scale producers, good quality local and sustainably produced food. We encourage our chefs to use seasonal ark of taste in their menus and with this help the producers to defend our edible biodiversity.