Working Brits only take lunch on 11 out of their 20 working days each month, and when they do, up to 80% snatch a bite at their desk.

Well, Slow Food is suggesting you do make time for lunch. And enjoy all the benefits of relaxing with something good to eat. Then return refreshed to work or whatever else you’re up to.

Our campaign invites you to set aside every Thursday this June to make ‘Time for Lunch’.

And it’s not just for the office workers, we’re encouraging everyone to join in. Take time to have lunch with a friend, partner or loved one. Maybe re-connect with someone you haven’t seen for a while. Invite the neighbours round. Transform lunchtime at your school, or senior’s home.

Take your lunch into the garden, park, visit a restaurant, a canteen, or just sit around the kitchen table. It’s not the venue that matters, it’s the time out.

Taking time means you’ll enjoy your food more, and enjoy the pleasures of breaking bread with others. A healthy contrast to eating quickly while distracted or doing other things, which might well lead to eating more than you need. Take some time and you’ll experience more of the flavours, textures, and smells of the food you eat. Your food will become more interesting.

Speaking of interesting foods, we’ll be encouraging restaurants and canteens to provide Time for Lunch menus which will also include Ark of Taste ingredients. Plus we will have a selection of recipes from Cook’s Alliance chefs for people to make at home and bring to work, or to take them out to a garden bench – anywhere where you choose to take a well-deserved pause in the day.

Slow Food has always campaigned for ‘good, clean and fair’ food and celebrated the sheer pleasure of enjoying good food. This June, we want the UK to take time to do just that.

Every Thursday in June