Botivo is an aperitif inspired drink on a mission to raise the bar of non-alcoholic drinks by putting a maker and raw ingredients into the heart of the category. It’s the favourite of sommeliers, chefs and food critics.

Botivo is small batch, made by co-founder Sam on Lannock Farm, Hertfordshire. It is made from apple cider vinegar that is aged for a year to soften the flavours and then infused with fresh rosemary and thyme, gentian, wormwood, orange zest before being balanced out with wildflower honey. This gives the liquid complex bittersweet, herbal and citrus notes.

It’s a process based on oxymels, ancient tonics from the time of Hippocrates and is the only drink in the category to not use any flavourings or preservatives. The qualities of honey and vinegar give it a natural shelf life of two years and a year once open (and no need to keep it in the fridge ). Botivo is highly concentrated with only 15% water added, so there are a huge 20 serves in every bottle.

Our signature serve is with Botivo and soda (or sparkling water), over ice with a wedge of juicy orange.