Dublin Coddle is a traditional Irish one pot meal. Here our supporters Primal Cut tell us how to make their version of the family favourite: perfect for an evening meal together, easy to prepare and very satisfying.

Good simple food.

Ingredients – to serve 6 – you will need

Potatoes, peeled ( approx 1 kg but use up those you find in the back of the fridge – its that kind of dish)

500ml Hot Stock

400g Hunters Sausages

400g of natural (nitrite free) bacon

2 large onions

1 tablespoon fresh chopped parsley

Salt and coarse ground pepper


Pre-heat oven to 150C

Cut the larger peeled potatoes into smaller pieces so they will all cook uniformly through

Fry up the sausages and bacon to get some colour but take care not to overcook or dry them out –

In a large oven proof casserole with a tight lid, layer the onions, bacon, sausage and potato adding parsley and seasoning between each layer.  We cut the sausages in half others leave them whole, you choose as you wish.

Continue until everything is used up and then pour the stock mixture on top

Bring liquid to a boil, reduce heat, cover pot and place in pre-heated oven on low to cook for up to three hours.

Serve, eat and enjoy, around the table.