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Slow Food Kids
Slow Food Kids
Slow Food Kids
Slow Food Kids

Have you ever looked, touched, tasted, sniffed and listened to your food really closely?

When we enjoy food, we use all 5 of our senses!

While a third of 11-year-old children in England are categorised as overweight or obese, Slow Food UK believes a significant way to constructively address these societal issues is through education and positive engagement with healthy, nutritious food. This is why we have created Slow Food Kids, which encourages children to think about food and why it is important to diversify their diet.

The Slow Food Kids organises the Taste Adventure, a fun and interactive activity which brings the senses to life. It is aimed at 4 to 11 year olds but loved just as much by the big kids among us!

Slow Food Kids encourages children to think about food as they journey through five interactive zones, based on the five senses: taste, sight, touch, smell and hearing. Kids collect stamps on their Slow Food Kids’ Taste Adventure passports as they explore their senses and make new food discoveries.

Click here to have a go at Slow Food Kids online!

Slow Food Kids is run by volunteers throughout the UK, at food festivals, community events and school activities.

In 2011, nearly 40 Slow Food Kids events were run across the UK, enjoyed by more than 13,000 children, from London to Edinburgh, from Belfast to Ipswich, including at some high profile events such as Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival, the Royal Highland Show, Alex James presents Harvest and the Balmoral Show in Northern Ireland.

In 2012, more than 2500 children enjoyed Slow Food Kids. Several festivals hosted the activity:

- the West Norwood Slow Food Festival in London

- the Spring Fling event in Norwich

- the Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink

- the Balmoral Show in Belfast

- the Big Tent Festival in Falkland

- the Llanfyllin and District Show

- the Cardigan River and Food Festival

- The Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival, at Alex James’ farm near Kingham, Oxfordshire

But it was also delivered in Home Grown at Ham in Richmond and in a primary school in Hastings. Follow this link to see the pictures!

We are taking requests for 2013. If you want to bring Slow Food Kids to your local event please click here to fill out the on-line order form, and a member of our education team will contact you shortly about availability and pricing.

For any queries, please email or call 0207 099 1132.


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