Trealy Farm blends traditional practices and innovative technology to make artisan charcuterie products. They produce around 40 varieties of charcuterie meats from pigs, lamb, beef, wild boar, venison, rabbit and even goat, which they sell to consumers and increasingly to renowned restaurants across the country.

They are committed to using only free range and traditional breed animals with full and transparent traceability. Animal welfare is their highest priority and they are uncompromising in the ethics of their meat sourcing. They work with their supplier farmers in equitable partnership, as they believe that supporting them fairly helps sustainable meat production and the survival of traditional breeds.

Special Meat Courses are offered over the weekend and you can learn everything there is to know about great quality and sustainably produced meat!

Their product range and business philosophy have helped them many prestigious awards, such as Great Taste, True Taste, Waitrose Made in Britain, BBC UK Food Producer of the Year and Observer Best Food Producer, amongst others. After seven years of production, they serve some of the best food outlets in the UK as well as continue to sell locally and direct.

Contact Details:

James Swift;

Twitter – @trealyfarm