The name, Stilla, is a Latin word for ‘Drop”: drops of whisky, spring water or lush waterfall, rain, melted snow, ocean…. but also drops of precious Scottish authenticity. In other words, a distillate from Scotland to assure you an exclusive experience! Our team is lead by Diana Zilioli, a young Italian born entrepreneur, qualified Scottish Blue Badge Tourist Guide in Italian, English and Spanish, who made of Scotland her home and passion.

As a like minded business, Stilla is the only Destination Management Company in the country, that supports Slow Food UK and Scotland; as we strongly believe that we can help develop a more sustainable and off the beaten track tourism in this beautiful country, assuring the visitors an unforgettable experience while supporting small producers and local farms and families.

Diana Zilioli, treasurer of the Slow Food Glasgow Convivium, holds a PhD in Environmental Science with a specific interest focused on Soil Science.

Diana has been actively involved through all her academic career in Environmental Education activities, dissemination of scientific data and investigation of local traditional farming and rare cultivars and breeds all over the world.

Also, while in Italy, Diana acted in many occasions as co-organizer of the Terra Madre Day in the city of Venice in cooperation with the local Slow Food branch and of the International World Soil Day at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

But most of all, Diana, in a very Italian style, loves to eat locally, healthily and ethically.

The Scottish ecodiversity and the outstanding quality of its world-class produce, and distinguished cuisine makes it the perfect ground for the exploration of high-quality restaurants with world-class chefs, amazingly fresh and locally prepared street food, constantly growing organic farms and passionate farmers.

From high quality ethically bred animals, to preserves and rare varieties of vegetables, bakery products and smoked seafood, craft beer, ciders and whiskeys, if you want to explore Scotland with a unique tour to experience Scotland’s delicatessens, stunning environment, history, culture, and architecture you can trust Stilla!