Born in Italy and experienced traveller, Ph.D. in sustainability and environment, lover of nature, amateur photographer and passionate about food and cooking. Specialised in Soil Science and its suitability to different uses, I lived in Ecuador (South America) for few years, where I applied my expertise to the evaluation of soil suitability to Cocoa and Coffee  production in the main Provinces of the Ecuadorian Amazon Forest.

I have always cooperated with Slowfood through my life, co-organising Terra Madre Day for many years in the city of Venice as former first Director of the Venice Victorian Greenhouse at the Biennale of Venice along with the city’s Slowfood Branch.

With me tourists are offered unique sustainable private tours in English, Italian and Spanish in Scotland, which always include the tasting of local products that make the Scottish Cuisine absolutely delicious and support small producers. Call me to:

  • taste quality salmon or naturally smoked fish
  • taste whisky and beer locally crafted according to the ancient Scottish tradition with care and passion, focusing on quality instead of quantity
  • discover all about local fauna, flora and geology that make this country so biodiverse
  • buy unique souvenirs to take home, produced locally and delicious
  • visit a local market or pick your own fresh berries in organic local farms

and much more!

I spent my life trying to enhance sustainability and improve public awareness toward environmental issues, supporting and cooperating with many charities and associations positively impacting our environment and healthy life style. Slowfood is one of these and I am proud to continue now to support this international association in the UK!

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