Santo Remedio is an intimate taqueria and dining room in the heart of London Bridge. The menu is influenced by modern Mexico, from its street food to traditional festive fare.

We prepare everything on our menu in the restaurant. We make our marinades and salsas with fresh herbs and smoked dried chillies from Mexico.

These include Ancho, Pasilla Mixe, Guajillo & Arbol which you will see in jars on the shelves of our kitchen, and which are fundamental ingredients in Mexican cooking.

The blue corn and white corn tortillas we use for our tacos, tostadas, quesadillas and tortilla chips are gluten free and made with non-GMO corn. All our meat and chicken is from the UK and reared to the highest welfare standards. We use locally sourced fresh produce as much as possible.

Santo Remedio is a popular Mexican expression, which means Holy Remedy. Mexico’s food is so central to its culture, that it is considered a remedy for almost anything.

At Santo Remedio we want to satisfy your cravings for proper Mexican food in London.