Welcome to La Locanda – awarded with Ospitalita’ Italiana Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo from the Italian Chamber of Commerce in UK in collaboration with the Italian Government (only 67 restaurant in UK) – where we are proud to serve authentic regional cuisine from our Italian homeland. Here at our friendly, cottage-style restaurant, Maurizio and I aim to give you a real taste of Italy and will be pleased to explain any of the dishes offered in our extensive menu. Each meal is freshly prepared and cooked to order – so settle back, relax and enjoy the evening with us.

Each dish is made using only the finest local ingredients. Our meats are from Gazegill Organics of Rimington; our milk, cream and free range eggs are from J. Frankland Farm of Gisburn; our organic flours are from Gilchester Organics Farm of Stamfordham; our game isfrom Ian Scott of West Marton; our poultry is from Johnson and Swarbrick of Goosnargh; our fish is from AO Seafood of Burnley and vegetables are from Oliver Kay of Bolton. We import many of the authentic Italian ingredients ourselves, along with our superbselection of regional wines – many of which you will find difficult to buy elsewhere.

Throughout Italy food is extremely important and each region produces its own unique cultural cuisine. The ingredients, preparation and style of each dish served at La Locanda has been passed down through generations, and we hope our commitment, devotion and passion for excellence is apparent through out the flavours and tastes of each dish.

Here at La Locanda we want to know the history of the dish, we want to know the provenance of the ingredients and we like to imagine the hands of those who have grown, processed and cooked what you are eating.

Our aim is to provide you with a truly memorable meal out. One that gives you a flavour of the culture, heritage, tradition and hospitality of the place we are so proud to call our home.


Cinzia Bocchi

Maurizio Bocchi