Known as the ‘King of Pepper’ – Kadodē Kampot Pepper is both exceptional and rare, with GI Protected status. We work directly with over 140 farmers in Southern Cambodia – ensuring every aspect of cultivation, sorting, grading and cleaning is managed and carried out by hand using organic methods. All our pepper is 100% traceable back to the farm, farmer and batch that produced it – so provenance is fully assured. This is pepper of the highest standard.

Our three peppercorns are distinct both from other pepper on the market and each other. The black is vibrant, with a deep spicy flavour but surprising floral notes. The red deeply smoky, with hints of sweet and citrus notes. And the white amazingly aromatic, zesty, subtle and above all – rare.

In fact with only 20 tons produced annually, all Kadodē Kampot Pepper is in limited supply. Such rarity adds kudos, as does its Ark of Taste status. Forgotten outside French gastronomy until recently, we think it’s time for the discerning British food lover to experience this essential secret ingredient.

Kadodē Kampot Pepper: the best pepper you’ve never heard of.