Thyme at Errichel Restaurant is situated in the beautiful Roundhouse, Errichel House. With panoramic views over the glorious Tay Valley and the Gardens of Errichel.

Open from 6pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.  We can offer private dining outwith these times, please give us a call to discuss your ideas for a private event.

Chef – Patron, Paul Newman has an enviable culinary background having lead Chef Teams within some of the most prestigious hospitality destinations in the world. Paul brings his wealth of knowledge to beautiful Highland Perthshire.

Alternatively Stay in one of theirThree Unique Luxury Self-catering Cottages or in one of our Four Beautiful Ensuite Guest Rooms and enjoy breakfast at Thyme.

Then there is the farm itself…

We have a strong belief in supporting rare & native breed livestock, which are built to survive our altitude and climate.  Our animals live free-range in a non-intensive farming environment.  They are allowed to behave naturally, have normal social groups and are carefully looked after by our small team.  On the 200 acres of hill surrounding Errichel House we keep:

Shetland Cattle – small, hardy and thrifty – these cows are quiet, intelligent and produce a top quality product for meat and dairy.  We currently use our own Shetland Beef in Thyme at Errichel Restaurant and you can buy our beef for your own use at Errichel House.  Chef Patron Paul has developed a range of cured beef products and his Shetland Beef Bilton has been awarded 2 Stars in the Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards.  This is a delicious, high protein snack – ideal for walking or enjoying with your favourite tipple.  We are slowly learning and developing the skills needed for dairy production and hope in future to be able to add this to our product range.

Shetland Sheep – small, hardy and thrifty – these sheep have a beautiful fine fleece which is sought after for spinners and knitters.  We use our own hogget in Thyme at Errichel Restaurant and you can buy lamb or hogget from Errichel House.

Large Black Pigs – large, great foragers and hardy – these pigs are incredibly docile and friendly, easy to keep and produce an excellent product.  We use our pork in Thyme at Errichel Restaurant & Errichel House B&B. Pork, ham and sausages are available to purchase from Errichel House.