”Founded in 2004 by David Shannon and Debbie Vernon, Ellie’s Dairy is located high up on the North Kent Downs in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  The 300-strong herd of pedigree dairy goats produces the finest unpasteurised milk. Ellie’s Dairy also produces a range of delicious handmade cheeses as well as kid meat in season.  As part of the ’total goat package’ we also make a range of goat’s milk soap and beautiful kid skins which are professionally tanned and treated in Devon.

Our pedigree goat herd is of the highest health status and all the animals enjoy an excellent quality of life enabled by traditional husbandry and attention to detail.  Ellie’s Dairy provides a premium alternative to the usual intensive mass-produced commercial product and has put Kent firmly on the map as a quality supplier in a niche market.  We are recognised throughout the UK as an ethical supplier of premium quality raw milk and cheese.

By personalising input to achieve the best performance from every animal rather than force-feeding cereals to maximise output, we allow the goats to reach the limit of their natural lifespan whilst maintaining peak condition and lactation. For example, a goat in a normal commercial unit would normally be culled out or die at around 5 years of age. Our oldest animals are currently 11 and 12 years old and will still be at peak lactation for at least another year.Living as a herd, the goats are raised in as natural an environment as possible with free range access to grazing and browsing throughout the day, unlike the majority of commercial dairy goat herds which are permanently housed.

Our milk is sold unpasteurised, as Nature intended, and our plastic bottles are recyclable. ”

In 2012 Ellie’s Dairy was featured on BBC Countryfile and in 2014 their Shaggy’s Beard goat camembert won Champion Goat Cheese at the International Cheese Awards.


Website: www.elliesdairy.co.uk


Email: ellie@elliesdairy.co.uk

Tel: 07770 777970