Wander with an Appetite! Walking trails along coastal ways, thru the vineyards in pure wine country, discover the streets of urban cities like the locals do, slow-paced and stopping to enjoy the gastronomy along the way.

A Message from our founder Sean O’Rourke… Due to the current global situation of Covid-19 we are all dealing with I have decided it is time to use my year’s of knowledge in the travel industry to build an experience-based marketplace so we can collaborate with other like-minded partners offering the best food, wine/drink and walking-related experiences around the world! This is how Eat & Walkabout was born. Partner with us and become part of the E&W Food Wanderer Family!

Together with my son Tiernan, we plan to show visitors the slow way to experience the food, culture, nature, etc… of our selected destinations!

We believe in slow way touring, stopping to really soak in the culture and landscape, no rushing around or big line ups with crowds of people! Our foodie guides want you to meet with locals and taste the food, wines, etc… the land has to offer. Come with E&W on a Slow Way Food Tour!

Eat & Walkabout – Slow Way Food Tours
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