Capreolus Fine Foods is a multi-award winning, family-owned English artisan charcuterie producer in West Dorset.

Karen and David Richards have been curating their English Charcuterie since 2009.  They and their small team follow timeless artisan techniques inspired by the finest Continental producers to make a wide range of charcuterie. Capreolus supply to trade, retail and the general public.

Our Mission

For us to create award winning charcuterie we need to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries. We love developing new products and playing with flavours.  Grinding our own blend of herbs and spices is like playing with musical notes; when they interact together the reward is the most wonderful ‘chords’.  We are devoted to the sensual enjoyment derived from our charcuterie.  We are epicureans.

Capreolus Charcuterie Values

it is critically important for us to know where the animals that we use for our artisan British charcuterie come from, who raised them, how they have been cared for, and ultimately that they have been slaughtered under the most humane conditions.  We put a much higher value on the husbandry than on whether it carries an ‘organic’ label or not. Our West Dorset charcuterie is made using meat from animals raised to the very highest welfare standards. That’s one thing we do very well in the UK. Happy animals mean great meat.

Capreolus Fine Foods derives its name from the Roe deer, whose Latin name is Capreolus capreolus.

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