We have sought out the Slow Food Network as we have a background in eating properly produced food and knowing where it has come from and how it was produced; we raised our own pigs and chickens and grew a lot of our vegetables when we lived in Norfolk, Ian worked as a butcher for a business that worked directly with farmer’s and people with small holdings to slaughter and butcher traditionally bred beasts. That background has translated
directly into a business that is passionate about promoting where our food comes from, using a supply chain that is as transparent as we can get it and working closely with small producers in both a local, national and international levels to show consumers where our food comes from. The Slow Food network gives us an opportunity to strengthen these links working towards the common goal of educating people on food that is good for us to eat, good for those who produce it and good for the planet.

This hard working passion for good food has recently won us the Farm Shop and Deli Show‘ Delicatessen of the Year 2019’ Award.

Ian and Alice Evans and Team.

60 Broad St