Image (c) Holly Wren

Honeybees are essential to the UK’s domestic food production. Our fruit and vegetables and even our meat and dairy industries all depend on bee pollination. Buying honey direct from British beekeepers supports them, supports Britain’s food economy and puts money back at grassroots to train the next generation of beekeepers.


Bermondsey Street Bees are a multi-award-winning ethical and sustainable beekeeping practice, well known for supplying leading chefs, hotels and bars with English single-source honeys. Based in London, with both urban and country apiaries, our core focus is bee welfare and best practice beekeeping.  Hives are never sited in already overcrowded areas (where they could negatively impact wild pollinators) and honey harvests are taken only when bees produce a surplus beyond their safe overwintering needs.


Bermondsey Street Bees’ raw honeys are traditionally produced. Never heated above natural hive temperature, they are simply hand spun from the comb and coarse-filtered to remove excess beeswax. In sharp contrast to the aggressively processed commercial blends sold by supermarkets and catering suppliers, this real honey offers authenticity, provenance and exceptional flavours.