At appleTeme we hand pick and press local apples to create delicious tasting juice. Each limited press has great character and depth of flavour due to a mix of apple varieties. This is achieved by blending an assortment of heritage varieties, many particular to Shropshire and Herefordshire and unfound in commercial production today.

Our straight apple juice is classified as either sweet, medium or tangy. We list the main varieties on the back of the tag label just so you know what you’re drinking! Many of these forgotten varieties of apple have wonderful flavour.

We make the most of forgotten fruits such as the wonderfully flavourful Shropshire Prune Damson, quinces, blackberries, elderberries, medlars and more recently mulberries which we blend with our apple juice to create exciting new flavours. Try our juice warmed with spices in the winter or with sparkling water in the summer, they suit all seasons and can be enjoyed any time of the day.

We don’t mind about shape either, apples are definitely individuals! As long as the apples haven’t been sprayed with chemical insecticides.

We pick, wash and press all by hand with the help of a water based hydro press. We use over 100 different varieties of apples, either from Tickmore orchard or from nearby orchards. The resulting juices are fresh, pure and vibrant, reflecting the full character and flavour of the world famous English apple.


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