Wales Groups

Anglesey (Dros-y-Fenai)

Group Leaders:
David Lea-Wilson
Alison Lea-Wilson

Being a member of a Slow Food local group is a great way of connecting with your local food community.
For more information about local events, please feel free to e-mail the group leader.


Group Leader:
Margaret Rees

North East Wales – Gogledd Ddwyrain Cymru

Group Leader:
Trine Hughes

The start of a Slow Food group in any area is exciting. We are particularly excited about North East Wales, with is lush pasture and prolific number of artisan producers, there will be so many opportunities to learn together we may not be able to fit it all in! We have already had an amazing amount of […]

South East Wales (y De-ddwyrain)

Group Leaders:
Chair: Mark Adams
General contact
Click Here to vist Slowfood South East Wales (y De-ddwyrain) on Facebook

Slow Food South East Wales is a young and dynamic local group founded in March 2015.
We have a strong committee comprising of local food & drink producers, business owners, chefs, restaurants and those with an interest in good, clean, fair food.  We are actively seeking new members to help us achieve our goals.
We have a […]