The Keen family – Keen’s Cheddar – Artisan Somerset Cheddar

The Keen family – Keen’s Cheddar – Artisan Somerset Cheddar
The Keen family – Keen’s Cheddar – Artisan Somerset Cheddar

Slow Food UK is incredibly proud to have Ark of Taste producers like the Keen family from Keen’s Dairy on board. Please read more about the Keen’s and their forgotten food Artisan Somerset Cheddar below.

The Keen family are Slow Cheese and Raw Milk producers.

How the Keen’s got into producing Cheddar and why they chose this particular product:
The Keen family have been making Artisan Somerset Cheddar at Moorhayes Farm since 1899. The fifth generation has now taken the reigns, ensuring that their world famous award winning Cheddar goes from strength to strength. Maintaining traditional cheese making techniques is central to their philosophy, enabling the family to produce consistently high quality Cheddar for over a century now. It would be fair to say that the cheesemakers at Keen’s put the art into artisan, as they make every decision by eye and rely on their skill and experience to come up with the final product. To produce such a high quality cheese it is important to make sure the milk they use is from healthy happy cows and so the combination of expert knowledge passed down through generations of cheesemakers and a respect of the ingredients they use results in a cheese of the highest quality.

Keen’s Cheddar is also part of the Slow Food Somerset Cheddar Presidia

The challenges the Keen’s face producing Cheddar:

The quality of the milk is essential in making the final product and at Keen’s Dairy they insist on using raw, unpasteurised milk. This can sometimes mean the milk is difficult to work with and unpredictable which is why it is even more essential that the cheesemakers at Keen’s Dairy are experts at making great quality cheese.

Products that the Keen’s are offering:
Keen’s Dairy produces Cheddar cheese. They know that their cheese is good, and this is why they focus all of their effort and expertise into making only one type of cheese. Do just one thing and do it well is their philosophy.

Their favourite Cheddar recipe: Coming soon

Contact details:
Address: Wincanton, Somerset UK BA9 8JR
Email: via website
Phone: 01963 32286

Imagery Copyright: Jason Ingram Photography



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