How Jon & Charlotte got into producing  Berkshire Pig and why they chose this particular product:
Three Little Pigs is a real family farm, run by Jon and Charlotte with the occasional help from their three children. The farm is located high on the Yorkshire Wolds, where the Clarkson family has been farming for five generations. In 2005 they received two Berkshire pig gilts as a wedding present and while they were waiting for them to produce piglets they bought 3 more small pigs to fatten, before they knew it they were fully fledged rare pig breeders. They know that high quality welfare standards go hand in hand with flavour and their pigs certainly live good lives, free to graze and root around the fields to their hearts’ content. Their speciality is English chorizo, which they take great pride over. Using only the meat from their rare breed pigs they ferment and air dry the meat which results in a beautifully flavoured product which has won several awards. Jon and Charlotte are very passionate about their pigs and are willing to put in the extra time and effort to produce such wonderful pork. They have made it their mission to help to convince the public to eat quality meat which has been produced in the correct way.

The challenges that Jon & Charlotte face producing Berkshire Pig:
Their pigs take longer to mature, which means the flavour is great but also that the pigs are more expensive to rear. Convincing the public to spend the extra bit of money on high quality meat will always remain an issue for producers who refuse to compromise on the quality of their produce.

Products that Jon & Charlotte are offering:
Jon and Charlotte are famous for their English chorizo, produced on the farm using Berkshire pigs. They also offer a range of pork products from bacon to various joints and cuts. They also rear Black Welsh Mountain lamb on their farm and offer a range of lamb products as well.

Jon & Charlotte’s favourite Berkshire Pig recipes:
A firm family favourite of the Clarkson’s is a paella made using prawns and their own English chorizo. Otherwise a roast loin of Berkshire pork with cider sauce always goes down well.

Contact details
Address: Kiplingcotes Farm, Dalton Holme, Beverley, HU17 7PY
Email: via website
Phone: 07910 315 956