How James got into rearing Ark of Taste breeds and why he chose these particular breeds:
James’s transition into the world of charcuterie was the result of a chance meeting at Abergavenny Food Festival, where he met ex-business partner Graham who shared the same passion for producing high quality charcuterie using the best meat from locally sourced, high welfare animals. Having initially started the business at the farm where he lived, he has since moved on to a larger premises – while still retaining the same passion and commitment to good food and its connection to the land. The formula to producing consistently delicious, award winning charcuterie is simple – an emphas is on using locally grown, sustainably reared animals which are then treated with the respect they deserve. In James’s eyes Britain has the best quality meat (the most important element of charcuterie) and so it makes complete sense that Britain produces cured meats that are up there with the best in the World. Having extensively visited France, Italy, Spain and Germany to learn the traditions and techniques necessary to produce high quality meat products, James is proud to champion British charcuterie, knowing it is good enough to rival the best of Europe and beyond.

Products that James is offering:
Trealy Farm produce over 40 varieties of British charcuterie using rare breed pigs, lamb, beef, wild boar, venison, rabbit and even goat. Smoked Bath Chaps.

James’s favourite Ark of Taste pig breed recipe:
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Contact details
Address: Mitchel Troy, Monmouth, NP25 4BL
Phone: 01495 785090