How Lara & Oliver got into rearing Gloucester Old Spot Pig and why they chose this particular breed:
Lara and Oliver Madge moved into Park Mill Farm in 2009. As they had no previous farming experience they attended a day long pig keeping course and consequently bought a few Gloucester Old Spot piglets. They haven’t looked back since. Lara and Oliver are passionate about producing high quality pork in the right way. Their pigs live very content lives, reared outdoors and allowed to feed on what they find, including apples from the neighbouring orchard. The non-intensive rearing of their pigs means that it takes them longer to reach slaughter weight, but when the meat reaches your plate the incredible mouthwatering taste makes it all worth the extra effort.

Products that Lara and Oliver are offering:
Lara and Oliver offer a range of rare breed pork products from bacon and sausages to joints and meat boxes. They are able to deliver across the UK.

George’s favourite Gloucester Old Spot Pig recipe: Coming soon

Contact details:
Address: Vineyard Lane, Kingswood, Gloucestershire, GL12 8SB.
Phone: 07860 200400
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