How Clare and Michael got into producing Einkorn flour and why they chose this particular product:
Clare and Michael Marriage started growing organic wheat in 1978, installing stone grinding equipment in the barn to produce wholemeal flours. Since then the farm has gradually grown, developing their range of products while remaining as dedicated to the organic movement as they have always been. The Marriage family have been millers for over 400 years, and this tradition is close to Michael’s heart. His love of milling combined with the deep interest Clare and Michael share in sustainable farming, meant the conversion of Doves Farm to an organic one was a natural decision. Their aim is to produce ingredients of the highest standard for people who care about the quality of their food and the way in which it is produced.

Products that Clare and Michael are offering:
Clare and Michael sell Einkorn flour which is available on their website and also offer a range of speciality flours from the on- site mills including; organic flour, gluten free flour, pasta flour, gram, buckwheat, rice flour, ancient grain flours and bread flours.

Clare and Michael’s favourite Einkorn flour recipe: Coming soon.

Contact details:
Address: Salisbury Road, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0RF
Phone: .+44 (0)1488 684880
Email: via website