How Sean and Steve got into producing Hampshire Watercress and why he chose this particular product
The Watercress Company has its roots in watercress production dating back to 1860. It is a consolidation of two family businesses brought together by local businessman Peter Old in 1994. They grow watercress in Dorset and Hampshire as both areas have an abundance of mineral rich spring water available. Over decades rainwater has permeated slowly through the chalk substrate where it has been captured underground and it’s the quality of this potable water that allows our farmers to grow wonderful and healthy watercress. The team at The Watercress Company believe in traditional standards of quality and value and the importance of farming in harmony with the environment. It is by sticking to these principles that Sean Ede and wife Penny (Hampshire) and Steve Collis (Dorset) produce watercress, as well as other organically grown products, of the highest quality.

The challenges in producing Hampshire Watercress
Weather is always top of the list when farming any crop in England. It affects both sales and crop quality and has a direct impact on the speed of growth. The recent poor summers with low light levels have had an effect on the crops and last year’s cold spring delayed the UK production by nearly a month.

Products that the Watercress Company is offering 
As well as the Watercress, Steve and Sean also grow a variety of products such as chard, pak choi and pea tops. Since 2009 they have also been growing fresh wasabi using the same quality water and grower expertise they use for the watercress.  This means they are currently the only growers of fresh wasabi in Europe. To view the full range of their products please visit the website.

Steve’s favourite Hampshire Watercress recipe
You can’t beat a good watercress soup! Everyone has their own take and recipe but a basic soup stock is essential using potato or rice to thicken as preferred. Always add the watercress in the last minute to keep the colour, ensure maximum health benefits and taste. A good way to retain colour is chill immediately with ice. Serve  hot or cold to taste and why not add a little swirl of crème fraiche?

Contact details:
Address: Waddock Cross, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 8QY
Phone: 01929 463241