Method (Serves 6-8 people)

Yoghurt: Whip the Yoghurt, cream, vanilla and cream cheese in a mixer or by hand until the yoghurt mixture is a nicely whipped consistency that you are able to quenelle. Place in to a container and in to the fridge for about around 1hr to set up slightly.

Rhubarb: Heat up water, sugar and grenadine together and bring to the boil. Dice up the rhubarb in to good size pieces and pour the syrup over them and leave them to poach in the syrup. Put in fridge until needed.

Toasted Oats: Toast Oats in a pan over a medium heat with the honey until its golden brown then place in air tight container until ready to use

Serve: Take a brown plate and quenelle the yoghurt on to the middle of the plate; place a few rhubarb pieces around the mousse, followed by the oats and garnish with a few Sweet cicely leaves



1kg Natural Yoghurt 250ml Double Cream 150g Cream Cheese 1 Vanilla Pod (seeds) Icing Sugar to Taste


250g Rhubarb 50g Sugar 50g Sugar 100ml Water Cap Grenadine


150g Porridge Oats 25g Pershire Honey

Perthshire Sweet Cicely to Garnish