Chef - Jeremy Ford

Ark of Taste Products - Tamworth Pig, Saltcote Pippin

Producer - Paddock Farm

Classic flavour combinations, plated up with style. Pork, apple, sage and onions are brought together with some cheffy touches to create a dish of elegance and sophistication.


For the haggis

– Sweat the shallot and garlic in a little butter until soft and cooked though. Add the port and reduce to a glaze, until almost all gone, before adding the sage and orange zest.

– Mince the belly and offal and mix in the reduction and brioche crumb. Season well.

– Form the mix into 40g balls and wrap in the crepinette. Place in a hot oven 170°C for 10 minutes to set then braise in pork stock for 30 minutes.

For the Crumb

– Peel and roughly chop the onion, place in a food processor with a cup of water and process for 45 seconds until finely chopped. Place into a towel and squeeze out all of the liquid, leaving the dry onion in the towel.

– Deep fry the onion at 170 C, continuously stirring until golden brown then remove and season. Fry off some panko bread crumbs and some chopped fresh sage. Mix these two with the onion. This is your crumb to roll the pork in once cooked.

For the pork fillet

Jeremy uses a water bath to cook his fillets (30 minutes at 58°C) before searing in a hot pan. At home;

– Season the fillets and sear in a hot pan with a little oil and foaming butter.

– Transfer the pan to a 160°C oven and cook for around 10 minutes for a medium rare finish.

– Leave to rest for a least 15 minutes before lightly brushing with a little of the reduced sauce (see below) and rolling in the crumb prepared earlier.


For the sauce

– Fry the pork trim until well browned, and then add the shallots and trimmings from the apple. Caramelize well, before deglazing the pan with some cider vinegar and white wine. On a medium-high heat reduce this to a syrup. Add the dark brown chicken stock, 4 Sage leaves, 12 black peppercorns and cook slowly until reduced by half. Pass through a fine sieve and reserve.

For the apple puree

– Peel, core and slice the Saltcote pippin apples and add them to a little acidulated water for 10 minutes. Keep peelings and core for sauce (above).

– Drain well and cook gently in a little butter under a lid, so that they cook in their own steam until very soft. Puree in a vitaprep or thermomix until super smooth. Add lemon juice, sugar and salt to taste.

For the leek

– Wash well, paying particular attention to the root, cut in half down its length leaving on all root and green top.

– Submerge the leek in duck fat (or oil) and cook gently until soft. Refresh in iced water and dry.

– Set up a fryer to 180°C. Hold the leek so that the root only is in the oil, and cook until crisp and golden brown.

– Finish the leek by placing in a hot pot to char before serving.

For the puffed skin

– Remove all fat from skin and score lightly.

– Cook the skin in a low oven (100°C or less) submerge in stock or oil for 10 hours.

– Remove, drain well then dry in either a low oven or a humidifier until brittle.

– Deep fry in hot oil until puffed and crisp, salt lightly.


2 Tamworth pork fillets

125g diced pork or pork trimmings

2 Medium sized leeks

1 large Onion

5 Saltcote Pipin apples

50ml Cider vinegar

50ml white wine

250ml good dark brown chicken stock

12 black peppercorns

3 shallotts finely sliced

40g Panko breadcrumbs

12 Sage leaves

For the Haggis

50g Tamworth pork belly (skin removed for puffed crackling)

50g pork liver

50g pork kidney

50g brioche crumbs

1 shallot finely diced

1 clove garlic

4 sage leaves finely chopped

Zest of ¼ of an orange

75ml decent port

200g crepinette