Chef - Matt Tebbutt

Ark of Taste Product - Somerset Cider Brandy

Producer - Somerset Cider Brandy Company

Matt's ethos has always been working with the freshest, local ingredients, using recipes which showcase the quality of the produce. This Recipe is a perfect celebration of Somerset Cider Brandy; a combination of a sweet, soft brioche dough, smooth cider brandy custard with roasted apples and fresh walnuts.


Brioche dough

– In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar, vanilla and yeast. Work until crumbly and evenly distributed.

– Now beat in the eggs and soft butter until you have a sticky but elastic dough.

– Cover the bowl, leave to one side for an hour to swell in size then chill over night in the fridge.


– Beat the egg yolks with the small amount of brown sugar.

– Heat the double cream to boiling point and pour over the yolks, whisk to incorporate.

– Return the egg mix to the pan and gently cook the mix, stirring constantly over a low heat until thickened.

– Remove and pour in the cider brandy to taste….don’t be mean with it!

– Strain into a wide and shallow container and put away in the fridge overnight to set firm.

Next day

– Remove the dough from the fridge and allow to come to room temperature. Twist and break of a large golf ball sized amount per person, and roll into a round and flatten with the heel of your hand.

– Place on a non stick baking tray. Cover and leave to rise for another hour or so, somewhere warm.

– During this time, wash but don’t peel the apples. Cut in half and then each half into 6 even sized segments. Toss in the smallest amount of lemon juice and a very generous slug of the cider brandy. Leave to macerate for thirty minutes or more until the brioche is ready to bake.

– Preheat the oven to 180°C.

–  When risen & ready, place the apple segments on the dough, leaving a border all around. Sprinkle modestly with some caster sugar, a little more cider brandy and bake in a hot oven for 15 minutes or longer until golden and risen.

– Serve the brioche straight out of the oven; place on a serving plate and spoon over some of the set cider brandy custard. Finally grate or scatter over the walnuts.


Serves 4

4 Braeburn, cox or similar apple

1 lemon juiced

Somerset cider brandy

Caster sugar

A handful of fresh or wet walnuts to grate or scatter

Brioche Dough

150g strong plain flour

5 tsp caster sugar

120g soft salted butter

1 fresh vanilla pod, split & scraped

10 g fresh yeast

2 large beaten eggs

Cider Brandy Custard

250ml double cream

50g or so of soft light brown sugar

6 egg yolks

Cider brandy to taste.....around 30-50 ml