Chef - Craig McKend

Ark of Taste Product - Shetland Kye

Producer - Ronnie Eunson

Craig has created a dish which would be perfect for a wintery, blustery Shetland day. Melt in the mouth beef with a rich, warming sauce. At the Cumberland Bar, the ribs are served up with some mashed yukon potatoes with a sprinkling of truffle salt and some wonderful, wild pan-fried mushrooms. Now that is a hearty lunch!


– Dice the vegetables into similar sizes.

– In a pan, over a low heat, gently soften the vegetables for around 10 minutes. Add the garlic and the tomato puree and cook for a further 2 minutes.

– Transfer the vegetable mix to a roasting tray.

– In the same pan, turn the heat up to medium-high. Season the ribs before browning in the pan. Once nicely covered add the ribs to the roasting tray.

– Keep the pan on the heat and pour in the coffee. Scrape well to deglaze before adding this too, to the roasting tray.

– Finally add the aromatics (the bouquet garni) and cover the tray tightly with tin foil.

– Place the tray in a preheated oven (150°C) for around 4/5 hours until the meat is just clinging gently to the bone.

– Remove the meat from the tray and leave to rest.

– Sieve the liquid into a clean, heavy based pan. On a high heat, reduce until syrup like. Season to taste.

– Serve with the mashed potatoes and wild mushrooms. Beautiful!


Ingredients - serves 4/6

1.5kg beef ribs

3 Onions

3 Celery stalks

3 Carrots

6 garlic cloves

Tbsp Tomato puree

150ml Strong Black Coffee

Beef Stock (to cover)

Bouquet Garni (white peppercorns, 1 chilli split in half, half a cinnamon stick)