Chef - Neil Forbes

Ark of Taste Product - British Red Grouse

Producer - Blackface Meat Company

''Grouse is known throughout the world as the finest game bird.  In season from the ‘Glorious Twelth’ of August, it sparks the start of the shooting season and is most certainly one of my favourite things to eat.  I remember plucking grouse in one of my first jobs as a young chef and feathers going everywhere, so its’ easier to buy oven-ready - or for the brave – long-legged with guts in!  Don’t be too alarmed; a clothes peg on the nose can mask the unique smell of a freshly shot grouse.  I always serve it classically with bread sauce, game chips, watercress and something sweet like rowan jelly and some reduced game stock made with the pan juices.'' Neil Forbes


– Pluck, remove guts, legs and wishbone from the birds and give them a wee rinse in cold water. Run over with a blowtorch to ensure no feathers are left on.

– Heat a frying pan until quite hot and add the butter.

– Season the crown of grouse and legs, and sauté in the butter, basting all over as you go.

– Place in a moderate oven until pink (about 4-8 mins) – don’t overcook, as it will be tough and unpleasant.

– Allow the meat to rest for 5 mins.

– To assemble, spoon some bread sauce onto warmed plates and remove breasts from bone and place on the sauce.  Arrange game chips and watercress attractively and add a spoonful of rowan jelly.  Finally, trickle over some pan juices reduced with some game stock and serve at once.

Serves 4;

4 whole grouse

50g unsalted butter

A few thyme stalks

Good salt and pepper

Bread sauce – use your favourite recipe

Rowan jelly – or another sweet accompaniment

Game Chips


Game stock