Product Name:   Tupstones

Scientific Name:  Malus Domestics


Country:  UK (England)            Region:  Worcestershire

Appearance:  Attractive red dessert apple, turning almost purple when ripe, with some russetting.

What makes the product special?     It has a phenomenal keeping quality and will keep until Easter looking as though it was picked yesterday.

Who cares about it?  Fruit enthusiasts

Who still uses / eats it?  Hardly anyone

Is it hard to find? Why? As a fruit you won’t find it anywhere, can be purchased as a tree from one nursery, Walcot Nursery of Drakes Broughton, Worcs.

What factors make it at risk of being forgotten and / or extinct?  Obscurity, and non commercial status.

What does it taste like? (Home cook, producer and / or chef’s perspective) The flesh is yellowish white, sweet from and has a nutty characteristic.

Where does it come from?  first showed up in Worcestershire in 1945 at a county fruit trial beyond this little is known or recorded about it

How is it grown, raised or produced? (Producer’s perspective) incredibly rare but young trees can be purchased from Walcot, or graft wood obtained from The Marcher Apple network

Culinary Uses:

A dessert apple