What are my special features?

The Huntingdon Fidget pie is a local variation of the fidget pie, a traditional snack popular across the Midlands with other variations including the more well-known Shropshire fidget pie. The essential ingredients are bacon or ham and apples inside a pastry case. The addition of cider and onions is also fairly common, adding to the flavour and moisture of the pie. Traditionally it has a distinctive hole in the top, where the pastry has been folded back to reveal the filling, and can be eaten hot or cold.

What is my history?

The pie was traditionally served to workers during harvest when there was an abundance of apples available. The people of Cambridgeshire were quite late in using potatoes as part of their staple diet, and so were more reliant on pastry and wheat, meaning pies were more commonly eaten.

Why am I forgotten?

It would seem that the pies are not commercially produced, and even in Huntingdon the locals are fairly unaware of this regional speciality. Without this local awareness of the Huntingdon Fidget pie, this once popular dish in Cambridgeshire is at risk of disappearing.

Don’t lose me…cook me!

The hunt for the Fidget Pie continues here!