What are my special features?

Southdown sheep have a blocky body shape with heavy muscling in the hindquarters and loin. Their face is wide with wool covering the ears, most of the face and legs. The hair on the face is a tan to grey colour. Both rams and ewes are polled.

These small sheep are renowned for their extreme hardiness and are an excellent carcass breed. Southdown sheep produce tender and flavoursome meat which has a smooth, rich tasting quality.

What is my history?

The Southdown sheep belongs to the ‘Downs’ group which includes Shropshires, Hampshires, Oxfords and Suffolks. The Southdown is the smallest and oldest of these breeds. The Southdown is an ancient breed with its origins on the Sussex Downlands, hence the breeds name. This breed has traditionally been found in great quantities especially in and around the area of the South Downs near Lewes in Sussex. For centuries, the breed has supplied the country with lamb, mutton and wool.

Why am I forgotten?

Southdown Sheep face tough competition with other sheep breeds.

Don’t lose me… cook me!