What are my special features?

Cider Brandy is distilled from the fermented juice of a blend of cider apples. The spirit is then aged in oak barrels, which impart both colour and flavour, until (at a minimum of 3 years) it can be called brandy. The colour of the brandy is determined by the type of barrel wood used and the flavour varies according to the type of apple used and number of years the brandy has been aged.

What is my history?

Cider apples have been grown in the West of England for centuries, but they are most strongly associated with Somerset. The first written record of cider brandy being distilled in Somerset is in 1676. The exact extent of this historic production is unknown, since most production of Cider Brandy was done illegally in order to avoid taxes. However, ancient production skills were revived in 1989 when the first full cider-distilling license in the recorded history of Somerset was granted.

Somerset Cider Brandy has been awarded PGI status.

Why am I forgotten?

This cider brandy is unique to the Somerset area and despite using traditional and artisan methods, competition between the larger market of lower grade cider and brandy products exist.

Don’t lose me… cook me!