Product Name:   Pitmaston Pine Apple

Scientific Name:  Malus Domestica

Country:  UK (England)            Region:  Worcestershire / Herefordshire

Appearance:  Small yellow slightly russetted apple

What makes the product special? This apple is everything the supermarkets hate, it is small yellow and spotty, yet tastes fantastic proving that image over substance rules in the modern world.

Who cares about it? Apple enthusiasts

Who still uses / eats it? A few gardeners and allotmenteers in various places

Is it hard to find? Why? As an apple you will not find for sale anywhere but it can be bought as a tree from a few specialist nurseries.

What factors make it at risk of being forgotten and / or extinct? The afore mentioned fact that it has none of the looks of a commercial apple.

What does it taste like? (Home cook, producer and / or chef’s perspective) Best eaten as a dessert apple it has a wonderful rich flavour with a hint of honey season is Oct to Dec

Where does it come from? Believed first recorded in Hereford in 1785 but is strongly associated with the Pitmaston nursery of Worcester from when it gets its name.

How is it grown, raised or produced? (Producer’s perspective) Available to purchase as a tree from a few specialist nurseries

Culinary Uses: Dessert fruit especially suitable for children due to its small size.