Product Name:   Pitmaston Duchess

Scientific Name:  Pyrus spp


Country:  UK (England)            Region:  Worcestershire

Appearance:  Very large pale green dessert pear

What makes the product special? A historic pear of great quality

Who cares about it? A few fruit enthusiasts and food folk

Who still uses / eats it? Sadly very few people

Is it hard to find? Why? As a fruit you won’t find it anywhere but it can be bought as a tree from a few nurseries

What factors make it at risk of being forgotten and / or extinct?  Its non commercial status and the lack of popularity of almost any pear that isn’t conference.

What does it taste like? (Home cook, producer and / or chef’s perspective)  In 1895 George Bunyard described it as “the best and finest market pear” rarely less than 12oz each they can make as much as 28oz in weight.

Where does it come from? Was raised in 1841 by John Williams of Pitmaston in Worcestershire,

How is it grown, raised or produced? (Producer’s perspective) Ceased to be commercial variety after WWII

Culinary Uses:  Was once considered the premier pear for canning and bottling.