What are my special features?

The Middle White Pig is a medium sized, white skinned pig with distinctive pricked ears and a short squashed snout which makes the breed less likely than to root. The breed is docile, grows quickly and matures early producing high quality pork which is well-marbled and renowned for its excellent flavour.

What is my history?

The Middle White Pig is related to the Small White and the Large White, both of which are now extinct. The Middle White was recognised as a separate breed in 1882.

Between the two World Wars, the Middle White was the first choice for butchers, especially in London where the trade demanded top quality pork from a lightweight carcass.

Why am I forgotten?

After the Second World War, government policy directed all pigs towards the bacon market and specialist pork breeders became less popular.  As a result, there was a decline in Middle White numbers although these are slowly increasing.

Don’t lose me… cook me!