Product Name:   May Queen

Scientific Name:  Malus Domestica

Country:  UK (England)            Region:  Worcestershire

Appearance:  Attractive red dessert apple

What makes the product special? A fantastic garden apple tree, a regular and reliable cropper and a a moderate growing tree thus does not require heavy pruning.

Who cares about it? A few fruit enthusiasts and people who have a tree and know how good it is

Who still uses / eats it? A few gardeners, allotmenteers and community orchards.

Is it hard to find? Why? As an apple you won’t buy it anywhere but it can be purchased as a tree from the odd specialist nursery such as

What factors make it at risk of being forgotten and / or extinct? The fact it is only grown on a garden scale and not available as fruit anywhere

What does it taste like? (Home cook, producer and / or chef’s perspective) Has a rich nutty flavour and stores well into New year and beyond.

Where does it come from? Was raised introduced by a Mr Haywood of Worcester and introduced by Messers Penwill in I888 in 1892 in won an RHS award of Merit

How is it grown, raised or produced? (Producer’s perspective) Can be purchased as a tree and makes an excellent garden / allotment tree according to Bunyard in 1920 as a “neglected fruit of great excellence and as a fruit for small gardens as cordons or bushes it can hardly be surpassed”

Culinary Uses: A dessert apple with a season from Nov to Easter.