The Knobbed Russet apple, also known as Knobby Russet, Winter Apple or Old Maids, is an old British variety. The first apples were found in Sussex in 1819. They were nearly extinct by the 1940s but fortunately, they were rediscovered after World War Two during national fruit trials. The Knobbed Russet is known for its unattractive appearance, it is said to be the world’s ugliest apple! The apple is greenish-yellow in colour, and medium in size. It has an unusually irregular shape and is covered by black russet. Its skin is gnarly and knobbly. Its appearance is often compared to a potato, however, it has delicious, creamy flesh and a balanced sweet-tart flavour. It is not a very juicy apple. Knobbed Russet apples ripen in October and they are picked between late October and February / March.

Knobbed Russet apples are best eaten fresh. It is a good accompaniment for cheese.