What are my special features?

The Dittisham Ploughman Plum (Prunus domestica) has a very short season from early to mid-August, lasting no more than ten days. The plum is red in colour, ranges in size from medium to large and has an oval-oblong shape. The flesh is juicy and lends itself well to making excellent jam. The plum has a rich sweet taste and a smell reminiscent of honey and grapes.

What is my history?

The exact origins of the Plum are a mystery. One theory suggests that the plum is linked to the German “Pflaummen Baum” Plum while other theories believe the plum arrived by sea either dumped in the village by a sea captain unable to sell his cargo, or washed up on the River Dart from a wreck, salvaged and planted by villagers.

The Plum grows in Dittisham, a village on the banks of the River Dart, South Devon. It is believed to be unique to this village, only ever being grown in the area from which it gets its name. People from surrounding areas used to flock to Dittisham during the season to taste this rare and delicious plum.

Why am I forgotten?

As well as the very short season, the production and consumption of the Dittisham Plum is highly localised and demand for the plum is rarely experienced outside of Dittisham.

Don’t lose me…cook me!