What are my special features?

This is a hard, crumbly cheese with an exceptionally mild, sweet flavour and a mellow tang. Certainly in the UK and possibly in the world, it is a unique cheese in being made partly or entirely with 2, or 2 and 3 day old curds.

What is my history?

The traditional production area is the coastal part of Lancashire. It is thought that the method of using aged curds developed in response to the small-scale nature of many traditional farms within the area. The small numbers of cows kept on these farms were unable to produce sufficient quantities of milk to produce a whole cheese and in the days before refrigeration, turning the milk into curds was a method of preservation.

Why am I forgotten?

The double-curd method of production which gives the cheese a crumbly texture fell from favour as it made the cheese unsuitable for cutting and packaging into small wedges.

Don’t lose me…cook me!