How Rob and Elaine got into producing Cornish Saffron Cake and why they chose this particular product
The Chough Bakery has become somewhat legendary in Padstow, having been present by the quayside for over 30 years. Having been started by Rob and Elaine back in 1980, Chough Bakery remains a family business today, run by their daughter Luisa and head baker Ryan. As purveyors of all things great about Cornwall, from pasties to Cornish cream teas, using the best quality ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, is central to Chough Bakery’s success. They are most famous for their award winning Cornish pasties, but they also make everything from artisinal breads to all sorts of homemade cakes. Cornish Saffron Cake is a historic Cornish recipe, and takes centre stage in their Cornish cream tea. A Cornish pasty followed up by a thick slice of this beautiful cake, flavoured with aromatic saffron and dried fruit, is enough to convert anyone to the Cornish way of life.

Products that they are offering 
Chough Bakery offer a range of products from their famous Cornish pasties to cakes and breads. Visit the website to find out how to get your hands on some of their produce.

Their favourite Cornish Saffron Cake recipe
There is no better way to enjoy Cornish Saffron Cake than as part of a cream tea. Serve it with a pot of tea, Cornish butter, Cornish clotted cream and a pot of jam, and you might pack it all in and move to Padstow.

Contact details:
Address: Unit 2D Trecerus Industrial Estate Padstow Cornwall PL28 8RW
Email: via website
Phone:  01841 533361