How Richard and Tom got into producing Cheddar and why they chose this particular product:
Westcombe Farm has had a tradition of cheddar making for over a century, with the cheese being made at the site since the early 1900s. It is with this respect to the traditions of the farm and the region they live in that Richard and Tom Calver produce beautiful cheeses including their famous Somerset cheddar. Controlling every element of the cheesemaking process from the field to the dairy is essential to producing a high quality end product. The fertile soils, lush grasses and fresh spring water provide the perfect climate for cheese making. Not only does this mean better quality milk, but the warm microclimate provides the perfect conditions for the cheese to mature in. In the 1980s Richard Calver took over operations at Westcombe Dairy deciding that reviving the traditional artisan methods of producing unpasteurized cheddar was the way forward. Richard’s son Tom took over the family business in 2008, who has brought the dairy into the 21st Century while still maintaining the dairy’s commitment to using traditional techniques and recipes. Tom is keen to move away from mechanisation as much as possible, instead preferring to take an instinctive approach to cheesemaking, that seeks to express the milk’s true character. It is because of this, and the use of the dairy’s natural surroundings that Westcombe Dairy is able to maintain it’s high standards of producing the best quality cheddar cheese that money can buy.

Westcombe Dairy is also part of the Slow Food Somerset Cheddar Presidia

Products that Richard and Tom are offering:

Westcombe Dairy is famous for traditionally made Somerset Cheddar but the dairy also offers a range of other products. These include Somerset Ricotta and Westcombe Red as well as a range of other cheeses. Visit the website for more information.

Their favourite Cheddar recipe: Coming soon

Contact details:
Address: Westcombe Dairy Lower Westcombe Farm Evercreech Somerset BA4 6ER
Phone: 01749 838033