How Lucy  and Anthony Carroll got into producing Shetland Black Potato and why they chose this particular product
The Carroll family have farmed at Tiptoe since the 1930’s, but growing heritage varieties of potato is a relatively recent venture. Having become disillusioned with the way they were farming and with the current potato trade generally they felt that the wrong emphasis was being placed upon growing of potatoes. What had become important was high yields, regularity, uniform size with perfect shiny skins, and so they were no longer enjoying growing modern varieties of potatoes for pack house hundreds of miles away. At the time they were growing some older varieties, including Shetland Black, in their own garden and so they knew how good these potatoes tasted. Having tested the market for these varieties of potato, they realised that there was a demand out there and so having started growing a few varieties in their back garden they now grow around 17 different varieties on 50 acres of land. While Anthony works the fields, Lucy is in charge of the office, and so they make the perfect potato growing team. The high quality of their potatoes is a result of their dedication to growing their potatoes organically using Integrated Farm Management. The Shetland Black has always been a Carroll favourite, attracted by the unique appearance, exciting history and, most importantly, the delicious flavour. Lucy and Anthony want to show the public that there are many different varieties of potato, all with their own individual qualities. In their own words they want to get people excited about the ““not so humble spud”.

The challenges that Lucy and Anthony are facing producing Shetland Black Potato: 
The main challenge is making sure they have enough seed. They need to make sure each year that they grow enough micro tubers, as it takes several years to multiply the seed to grow any volume. Shetland Black Potatoes are susceptible to disease, so they have to manage the growing very carefully.

Products that Lucy and Anthony are is offering 
As well as Shetland Black Potatoes, Lucy and Anthony have about 17 varieties all grown for their taste and cooking qualities. These are all available to buy online when in season. For information on potato varieties and seasonality please read the Variety Information Sheet.

Lucy and Anthony’s favourite Shetland Black Potato recipes
Traditional Shetland broth using Reesit Mutton and Shetland Black Heritage Potatoes, made by Chef Alliance member Martin Wishart.

Contact details:
Address: Tiptoe Farm, Cornhill-on-Tweed, Northumberland, United Kingdom, TD12 4XD
Email: via website
Phone: 01890 883833