How Lisa and Stuart got into rearing Devon Red Ruby cattle and why they chose this particular breed:
Lisa and Stuart run a catering business, supported by a farm that provides much of the food they use on their menus. Lisa runs the catering side of the business, and knows that using the best possible ingredients available to her is essential to the business. They started rearing pedigree Red Ruby cattle a few years ago when they decided they wanted to produce high quality beef for their menu. The herd is still in its early stages, and so they can’t supply all of their events, however as it continues to steadily grow they hope to be able to do so. While Lisa was brought up on her grandfathers farm, starting a herd has proved to be a steep learning curve for her and Stuart, but the final beef they are able to put on their menus makes the extra effort worth it. For both, choosing to rear Red Ruby cattle was a relatively easy choice as they had always been impressed by the gentle nature of the breed and it’s superior taste. The Red Ruby is hardy and thrives on a low input grass systems but still produce a far superior end product. They lay down a natural layer of intra-muscular fat ensuring that the beef is perfectly marbled.

Products that Lisa and Stuart are offering:
Lisa and Stuart cater for all kinds of events, offering bespoke menus for any occasion. They are moving farms soon and with more space available they hope to keep chickens, quails and in time a few Oxford Sandy & Black pigs.

Lisa and Stuart’s favourite Devon Red Ruby cattle recipe:
A favourite of Lisa and Stuart is slow cooked Devon beef with prunes and pecans. Delicious.

Contact details:
Address: Sunnyside Park, Wimborne Road, Lytchett Matravers, Dorset, BH16 6HQ
Phone: 01202 622488
Email: via website