How David and Jo got into producing Red Leicester cheese and why they chose this particular product:
Red Leicester has been produced on Sparkenhoe Farm since 1745 and David and Jo are keen to restore this historic industry which is synonymous with Leicestershire. Sparkenhoe Farm has always had the reputation of producing the best Red Leicester cheese money can buy and so it was no small task for David and Jo to continue this tradition when they took over. David and Jo’s families have been cheesemakers for generations and so they know what it takes to produce such high quality cheese, sticking to their motto; ‘from our pastures to your plate’. David manages the herd of Holstein Friesian cows which graze on the farms lush pastures to their hearts content. The milk is pumped directly from the parlour to the cheese vat, ready to start the cheese making process and by sticking to the traditional recipe David and Jo are able to produce a consistently excellent cheese. They know that producing their Red Leicester requires great patience, effort and attention to detail but after several months, when the cheese has finished ripening, it is clear to see (and taste) that it was worth the extra effort.

Products that they are offering:
Sparkenhoe Farm is famous for their Sparkenhoe Red Leicester cheese (6 or 18 months maturation period) which can be bought online, or in various shops and markets throughout the UK. The dairy also produces several other cheeses.

David and Jo’s favorite Red Leicester cheese recipe: Coming soon

Contact details:
Address: Main Road, Upton, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK, CV13 6JX
Phone: 01455 213863