How Andy and Rachel got into producing British Lop and why they chose this particular product
Mere Pigs is a small family run farm nestled in the South West corner of Wiltshire. In 2006 they bought an allotment to grow their own vegetables and little did they know that 4 years later they would be buying their first British Lop pigs. Having bought several Black Rock Chickens they realised how much the family enjoyed looking after animals. They took over a farm in 2007 on a farm business tenancy and bought a small herd of alpacas. These proved the perfect introduction into smallholding life, and eventually in 2010, having completed a pig keeping course, they bought their first British Lop pigs. Choosing to rear Lop pigs was an easy decision as, first and foremost, they produce exquisitely flavoured meat which Andy and Rachel believe is second to none. They also take great pride in the fact they they are helping to keep one of Britain’s most endangered pig breeds alive and they know the only way to do this is to get this wonderful breed back onto people’s plates.

Products that Andy and Rachel are offering 
Andy and Rachel offer fresh meat boxes which have a range of joints, chops and sausages.

Andy and Rachel’s favourite British Lop recipe
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Contact details:
Address: 4 Homefield, Mere, Wiltshire, BA12 6LT
Phone: 01747 861992